Life’s pretty straight without twisties. AHEM..

I mean these ones. Otherwise known as cheese twists, this simple snack is easily prepared under 20minutes, with a bare amount of ingredients,those being puff pastry, egg yolk and cheese.

You can always try the sweeter variety by switching the cheese with sugar, or you could experiment with other toppings. I add the sesame seeds because it is THE condiment for all food.

I changed the white balance for these next photos, so the twisties are considerably more golden in colour. Have I tempted anyone in making some now?

Now for those who want to make their food look much more scrumptious, I will write up a tutorial,so stay tuned.

I think I overdid the colours in this photo. Probably looks very fake! Plastic even! Nevertheless, you can imagine how fast these twists disappeared from the plate.