After 40 000 hits ,365 days, and 286 posts, this is the blog today. Here’s the first post ever.

When I first started this blog, I intended to focus on reviewing anime episodes, including Code Geass R2, Bounen no Xamdou and Naruto Shippuuden. In my reviews, I would summarise the episode, then express my thoughts. Aspiring to be like RandomCuriosity proved to be difficult. After doing these (might I add quite shoddy) episodics for around 4months , I appreciate the time and effort the bloggers at RC put into every review, and knew anime episodics were not the way to go.

Blogging frenzy is when  you start a blog and you post as much as twice everyday. People who experience such frenzy ditch their blog after a few weeks of starting it, never to write ever again.I felt the urge to blog everyday, so I had to find something to blog about, and at the time, I was watching Big Brother, so I was doing daily posts . Like the anime episodics, I described everything stupid the housemates were doing. I quite enjoyed doing these posts but the effort needed to keep this up impeded my school work, free time.

During this time, we had guest blogger Leo, aka Hikaru who helped continue my BB posts whilst I was on holidays. He introduced Kpop to the blog, including DBSK, Super Junior and Wonder Girls.If you read this, thanks for your time keeping my blog alive for that week. Much appreciated.

Around October last year, the blog turned a new page. The blog become more personalised, with the touch of Otaku Culture. I was posting more about the movies I went and watched, what I found on the internet that was worth posting about, posting about the latest thing I got into, lately being photography. Anime episodics were nearly gone, except for the weekly Naruto Shippuuden. This change contributed substantially to the blog you see today, having changed drastically from the first few weeks. Blogging has never become a chore since the change. For those people new to blogging, it is important to know why you blog, as Otakudan explores. When I first started blogging, site hits were the most important and glorified number. Don’t let this evil number distract you from blogging for yourself, since you are important to the blog.

The blog had many theme,banner,blog title changes. It was only at the beginning of this year that I got myself a proper banner and decided on a name for the blog. BK201の記憶, BK201’s memories. Very appropriate title since I would be looking at this blog in many years times, wondering why the hell I even started it.

This is the blog now. It will change for no one but me. Thanks for everyone who has been reading, visiting, commenting on my blog because it encourages me to continue blogging. Special thanks go to Ken,and  Panther for continued support.

And for everyone else, may we blog forever!