It has been around 6 years since the first run of the anime adaptation of Arakawa’s Full Metal Alchemist

First run of FMA:October 4, 2003 – October 2, 2004

Overall, the first run of FMA was great. Became an avid fan of Full Metal Alchemist, wanting to watch more after each episode.

The new series of Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood as I will be referring to now), or as people say a ‘remake’ aired yesterday. Probably the most highly anticipated anime of the Spring Season. What I was looking forward to in the new series was the animation. With the quality of BONE’s latest works Soul Eater,Bounen no Xamdou and Sword of a Stranger, the animation in Brotherhood has to be superb. And we got it!

Isaac, the Ice Alchemist

Unlike the first series, Brotherhood started off with action. Isaac, former State Alchemist attempting to destroy Central. Also, the suspicious doings of the military have already arised, after Isaac warning Ed and Alphonse of them.

Comparing animation quality, FMA seemed to have used a brighter colour palette as compared to Brotherhood.

Mustang has put on a bit of weight. His face has become plumper. I know people all over the internet have complained about how they replaced the voice actors for a number of characters, besides  those of Edward and Alphonse Elric (and a few I don’t know of..). What I wanna say, it’s very hard to get a large cast back together to do the same project!! However, after watching the episode, I feel that they did a great job. The voices aren’t much different to what they were in the original.Though I’m not sure how all the Gundam people will cope with Lock On Mustang but…


Compared to Porno Graffitti’s Melissa, I think the OP was a let down. I’m not saying YUI is bad but they could’ve picked a better song!

The ED, 嘘 by SID is an awesome song, as well as the accompanying animation.

Nana Kitade’s Kesenai Tsume

Other than that, we can only do nothing but wait for next week’s episode of Brotherhood. 楽しみにしているぞ!