Over the past week, I’ve had three of the same model monitor being setup in my room. Reason? The stuck pixel curse! Tried a few methods such as using the Jscreenfix and just pressuring the area, but none worked.



Been lately watching alot of ガキの使いやあらへんで (Gaki no Tsukai). The pranks,games and punishments on the show are just hilarious to watch. I shall post about the show at a later date.

Luckily BenQ has such an awesome pixel policy, so we went back to where we bought the monitor, for an exchange.

Attempt Number 2!

To get this exchange, we paid a $1.50 parking meter, since we needed to park the car. Last time we failed to pay parking meter was when we went to eat at Leichhardt at the No name Italian Restaurant, like 7years ago.  After spending a wonderful time eating, we come back to the car and find a fine.  The funny thing was that I noticed the parking meters when we parked the car but I didn’t alert them about it. Then they were annoyed that I didn’t tell them that there was one.

It's back!

When I turned on the monitor, I immediately noticed this one. T_T I was so annoyed that I had to pack this monitor again for another exchange. Back in the box and off we went back to the shop. Another $1.50 out of our pockets. We couldn’t risk the chance that there would be another of these pixels upon operating the monitor after taking it back home and setting it up, so we decided to test it at the shop.

It's all good!

And the result, no stuck pixels! After this stuck pixel curse, we had lost $3 for parking,  1hour setting up the monitor, 1 hour putting it back in the box, and 1hour driving down to the shop and back. The lengths we go for the perfect product.

Have you had any problems with stuck pixels? Can’t believe I was unlucky twice! On top of that, 4th to go for English Oral.