Gaki no Tsukai is a popular Japanese variety show hosted by Downtown, Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Masatoshi with regular cast members, Yamasaki Housei, Tanaka Naoki and Endou Shouzou.

Left to Right: Yamasaki,Matsumoto,Hamada,Endou,Tanaka

Gaki no Tsukai is probably most popular for the Batsu Games (Punishment). Among the cast members, various competitions decide who are play the Batsu Game. These competitions can be simply guessing which team will win the baseball, to the ridiculous 4v1 ten pin bowling.However, the punishments for losing are  severe!

Matsumoto's Batsu Game

After losing the bet on the Japanese Baseball Championships, Matsumoto had to endure pie hell, where he was to live a normal day in a house, with the other cast members throwing cream pies at him. Also,he was not allowed to notice the presence of the other cast members. You can imagine, he copped a few pies to his balls.

Hamada's Batsu Game

Hamada’s Batsu game after predicting the losing team of the baseball. Hamada was sent on a trip to Russia. Along the way he encountered all things 裏(Behind). Upside Down Cars, Upside down Pizzas, entering through the back gates etc. Other Batsu games, Hamada has been sent all over the world. One game, he was sent to France to get Evian Water!

The team can also cop a Team Batsu Game, such as 24hour Gym Tag.

They do a whole bunch of other segments but I’ll just describe a few which I enjoy.

Silent Library



As it suggest, if you pick the skull card, you get punished. Some of the punishments include being slapped by a swinging leather belt machine

and having a frog down your shirt! What’s been bugging me…do they really do it in a library? Seems as if it’s just a setup library.

Tarantula on Yamasaki

Tarantula on Yamasaki

Absolutely Tasty Series

The cast prepare food, such as pizza or takoyaki, by adding their own ‘flavours’ to it. After taste testing, they give a score out of 10. They’ve managed to create Dango Takoyaki,Frisk(Mint) Taiyaki, Pizza Tempura and so on.

Jelly Bean Tempura?

Matsumoto Technician

Endous Run!

Endou's Run!

A segment where the cast do sex related challenges, such as taking bras off mannequins and ringing bells on the breast of mannequins. Of course with all challenges , there’s always a batsu game. Tanaka has been the unfortunate one losing these challenges, having to wear a bra for a whole day, and ‘ringing the bells’ on a legendary cow, who was just a show actor dressed up as a cow.