Well, I was close enough to having these images all over the blog, but now it won’t happen, not until I get too many visitors.

Recently I changed my blogroll links to banners for visual appeal, so I decided to host these banners on photobucket. Only yesterday, I got an email from photobucket informing me that I was close to exceeding my bandwidth.For the first time since I joined photobucket!WUT!

Nice try photobucket to get me to buy a pro account XD At first I just thought I needed to register another photobucket account to host new images until that account would then be exceeded, etc. Or use other image hosting sites.

Then it just hit me this morning that it was the blog roll banners causing the upset in my photobucket account! So now all the banners are uploaded onto the site. Unlimited bandwidth for wordpress yay 😀 2.5gb of storage with unlimited bandwidth.

Moral of the story, if there are any pictures that are going to pop up on every single page in your site, host it somewhere with unliminted bandwidth such as your wordpress account. Or alternatively you can get sucked into a photobucket pro account but you wouldn’t want to pay money would you?