At the start of Volume 4, Mr Hero, Nathan Petrelli set up a government agency/program  to hunt our heroes. Now after exhibiting his flying ability, he handed his senator status and life to Danko.

Bennet should’ve done something. Danko’s way of doing things is all wrong. Strapping bombs on innocent Parkman and setting them off is pure evil. Now with Danko in full control, god knows what will happen. The painting Parkman depicted of the Washington covered in red destruction…

With Nathan joining his own kind, he’ll just have to rip apart the very thing he started.STUPIDD!!

Stupid!!Everything that happened since the beginning of this volume has slowly killed the glory of the show.  I hope this volume ends faster, it’s just getting worse every week.  If they make another volume, it better redeem itself(probably won’t).  People with abilities have captivated me since watching Darker than Black. Only reason why I’m still watching.

On topic of people with abilities, I must watch Watchmen!