There’s no other butler you could like other than Sebastian. I’ve watched the first 13 episodes of Kuroshitsuji, and I’m enjoying it  ^^! If you haven’t seen or read the manga, Kuroshitsuji revolves around the life of Ciel Phantomhive, the sole survivor of his family, runs businesses and works for the Queen, solving mysteries such as mystery of the demon dog. Having made a contract with Demon Butler Sebastian, Sabastian has become Ciel’s bodyguard and butler, overlooking Ciel’s wellbeing, travel, protection, pretty much everything else Ciel’s hired incompentent should be doing. Other than that, Sabastian is one hell of a butler, or as he says, 悪魔で執事ですから。

After watching the first episode, I just kept watching and watching until I ran out of episodes to watch. The characters and the humour carry the greatness of this anime adaptation. Favourite episode was when Ciel and co. were trying to get a photo of Sebastian with the spirit camera. Poor Sebastian, being picked on as a 黒羊 rather than a 黒執事. Seriously watch it when you have time ^^!

I get more Sebastian goodness in my Newtype magazines. Yay!

Angela is evil but she’s so angelic. Though I am yet to know of her evil doings.

And two lucky people (not me) have already won a set of 10 cute Kuroshitsuji figurines. Three of Ciel and Three of Sebastian. Obviously Sebastian looks the most かっこういい!I wonder by the end of watching Kuroshitsuji, if Sebastian will replace BK201 as my favourite anime character. Hmmmm maybe?