I took the JLPT Level 3 test last year, and the results just arrived in the mail.

I passed Level 4 with 312/400 the year before.

Happy I passed. I’m content with the result. Wonder what my other friend got. Should be lower than mines but who knows =p

When my dad came back from Hong Kong, he gave me this personalised charm. Some what like a phone hanger. Inside the perspex or whatever it is, is a body of water in which a rice, engraved with my name and luck words, floats around. If you can read the words, it says 成功 meaning success. This charm has been successful in a few ways. Passing this JLPT, and how my dad succeeded making getting a bargain for buying 3 of these(think it was like $3AU for 3? cheap labour china LOL). I hope the charm comes to be true when I receive my HSC results.

Success doesn’t come without hardwork so 頑張って!