Hi guys(or should I say girls as well?). Long time since I last posted. Making up for lack of posts, I’ll talk about the new goodies I have just acquired ^^! I have a Haruhi Figurine now

Well, she isn’t the perfect figurine, but what do you expect from a New Type Magazine Freebie. Freebies are awesome, but not when they are all Gundam ones!! My dad just dumped me the Jan,Feb and March issues onto me, so now I’ve been reading through old and new anime news.

Full Metal Alchemist is coming back April.  New Type has had coverage but the studio isn’t releasing much information. In the Feb issue,New Type asked a whopping 50 questions about the new series. They won’t even leak out who’s doing OP or ED. Making lies such as a band called ‘ん’ is doing the ED. Guess we will wait and see when it airs.

More coverage. Interviewing the voice actors for Ed and Alphonse. They were asked if they could use Alchemy, what would they make. Paku Romi (ed) would make a room of something I can’t read. Maybe gold? Kugimya Rie (Aru) wants to make an alarm clock, which would have an appealing design.

What’s behind Haruhi? Soul Eater Manga!! Currently have 5 volumes. Will get the rest sometime later. Read the first few chapters, and saw the similarities between the anime and manga. Finding Tsubaki completely(with some part blank) in the nude was a surprise.

More to the otaku shelf. Slowly running out of space. All the figurines falling down. It’s such a mess at the moment.

This maybe the only interesting post for a long while now. Getting the monthly New Type delivered, so I get it every month. The pictures are so vibrant, and with so many pages, Can’t believe its only 620yen (and doubled because everyone likes to jack prices up).I look forward to FMA freebies .

Until later, mata ne!