Nearly halfway through the first term, the workload slowly piling up, with exams just five weeks away!

I’ve recently been writing about Multiculturalism, since it’s a topic area for Japanese Extension. Now what annoys me is some of the weird katakana we come across.

Multiculturalism can be written in two ways


Simple enough?


What a mouthful. I do prefer using 多文化主義 but for variety of vocab, I’m forced to use that long katakana, I can’t even pronounce without slipping somewhere in the middle of it.

Now, people say Australia is a MARUCHIKARUCHURARIZIMU country. Yes indeed, but depending on your definition of MARUCHIKARUCHURARIZIMU.Most would say, multiculturalism is the mixing of cultures, hence Australia must be! But how I see it, is the integration of cultures, where everyone respects not only the different culture, but each other. For me, Australia isn’t very MARUCHIKARUCHURARU. I look at my school and all I see is black hair(with the odd blonde/ brunette). I go to suburbs such as Eastwood and Hurstville, you will just see Chinese shops everywhere. Then there are issues of discrimination and racism. I find it rude when people say ‘Ni hao’ to me, because I get this racist feeling about them. Maybe it’s just me =o