Noir, the theme of this year’s Valentines Day at school, coinciding with the 13th. There was pretty much nothing Noir about Valentines Day, as clearly seen by the white rose Jason sent me.

As a school tradition, on Valentines Day (or the day closest) , the prefects deliver all the roses,serenades,hugs,pick up lines, lollies,chocolates and balloons, people bought to send to their ‘loved’ ones. Interpret ‘loved’ in any way you wish.As rich as Jason is, I was sent six hugs,a pick up line, a white rose, a massage and a serenade. Though he wasn’t there to witness my serenade, my whole english class watched in laughter as the prefects sang ‘As long as you love me’ by the Backstreet Boys. I was embarrassed at first but then got over the fact I felt loved, even knowing I was going to receive one days before.  I felt somewhat jewed when the prefects left after my serenade. Then another group came with moar serenades and moar deliveries.

One of the Pick up lines. Apparently if someone hired 1000 painters, they wouldn’t be able to paint something as beautiful as me.

The guy on the right has been serenaded every Valentines Day since Year7.

Here’s my ‘serenaded’ rose pin. The rose pin was quite cool, considering they made it from just ribbon, string and a pin.

If you’re special enough, you might just receive more than rose pin, like akatsukisan.

The whole point of Valentines Day at school is to make fun of each other. There is hardly any love!  My friend sent her sister, who’s in Year 7 a serenade. After the serenade, her sister was wondering which boy sent it to her!

At the end of the day, we’re all invited to watch the annual Valentines Day Assembly. If you’re are loved enough, and are special enough,then you may receive an onstage serenade everyone watches. Here is the footage of the assembly, more to come shortly after a person finish uploading.

Anything special happening on Valentines Day for you?