The world in Bounen no Xamdou is finally at peace, at the price of Nakiam’s life. Not really her life, but sleeping for 1000years.

I’m glad Akiyuki didn’t lose his identity, and that he’s with Haru. Sadly no climatic romantic kiss ending! I mean, Akiyuki’s parents had their moment, as if not give him and Haru their’s.

Skipping 9 years into the future, I thought was pretty nice. Older Yango lost his cuteness, but looks hot! Haru becoming a teacher. Ryuzo, Fusa and Nazuna living happily together. Though I kinda raged when Kakisu sliced Ryuzo’s left eye, thanks to Kakisu, Ryuzo looks cool with his new glasses!

The member of Zenbani are doing well. Hinokimaru looks like Raigyo now.!

Anyway, Bounen no Xamdou was awesome while it lasted. I’m definitely rewatching it in one go so I understand everything.