I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I would be having French Cuisine. We only go to eat ‘Good Food’ when we’re celebrating a special occasion. It was my brothers 21st.  It makes me wonder what I’ll do for my 21st! He went on a trip with friends to Tamworth prior to this. Big Guitar, Country etc.

From the outside, you would never guess that this place was a restaurant. Paradoxe! $56 per person, we had our own expectations on the quality of the food, but the first time having French Cuisine (me and my siblings), I guess we were expecting anything, like Asian waitresses?

So we walked into the house looking place, with just a pink sign claiming that  it was a restaurant, and we walked into a restaurant! Small and cosy. There were not many tables and chairs, probably 10tables set up maximum, and probably could only serve up to maximum 50customers a night. Including us and other customers,they only served 14 that night!

We sat down to a table, set up with too many glasses to use. Two wine glasses of different size, and a normal cylindrical one. A rolled up menu, tightened with ribbon laid on our plates. So my sister and I realised when we opened the scrolls!

A full course meal. Choose one from each bracket. Here is what I had:

Creamed Pumpkin Potage: Thick creamy pumpkin soup served with a pumpkin bowl. Yummy!

Escargot! Garden Snails with an obscure sauce that went well with them. They tasted somewhat like oysters.

Special eating utensils were used to eat escargot. You can see the snail stabbed by the small two pronged fork. Below, you can see is a clamping tong, used to hold the shell in place while you try to stabbed the snail hiding in its shell.

Sorbet with hints of ginger! The mix of sweetness and ginger was just right. Otherwise I might have taken a spoonful and spit it straight out. Mum claims that it’s readying your tastebuds for the main course.

Duckling! Subtle taste with the duckling. The duckling itself doesn’t have much flavour. Knowing nothing about the sauce, the colour didn’t support its taste. Not enough flavour for me I guess.

Chocolaty goodness. Fondue! You know you want it!! My english tutor was telling me how fondue originated in Scandinavia.

So there you have it. My first French Full Course Meal. We delightfully sat around talking, waiting and eating for three hours before we left the cosy enclosures of the restaurant.

If you want to dine here, I suggest calling ahead for reservation. BYO-Bring whatever you want to drink. We brought a bag full!98 Falcon Street Crows Nest. Au Revoir for now!