Volume 4 of Heroes has just premiered! The first episode took quite an interesting turn, now I’m interested in how it will all unfold.

My hopes for the season: Ando kicking some butt, already ashamed of him trying to pick some girls up. Nathan dieing, because he’s just retarded in the head. Hiro regaining his powers.

And my thoughts on the first episode: Parkman still on his spirit walk, and  being able to draw the future?!? How he suddenly got the power from the Umut or whatever his name is? Parkman chosen as a prophet? Weird but I’ll see how they develop and portray this.

Capturing all the people with abilities in one episode was a bit quick, but since the volume is only 12 episodes, can’t help it I guess. Why capture Hiro when he has no powers? Quite fail. And on the subject of Hiro, you suck at choosing passwords.The repeat of Peter and Mohinder taxi scene was quite nice.

I was hoping to find out more about Sylar until it was all a trap! Jam packed action in those few seconds.

Looking forward to next weeks episode. How was the episode for you?