Funny thing rain is. Sometimes you want it, sometimes you don’t. Down here in Australia, we desperately ask for rain, as the drought has been hitting the country hard for numerous years. Our house doesn’t particularly like hard hitting rain as it find its way through leaks and cracks to drip in my dad/sister’s computer room. We want rain so us lazy students can go home early , skipping out on Wednesday afternoon sport. I didn’t want rain so I could take photos in the garden, but it did rain, but I was amazed when I saw what I could take photos of. Raindrops!



We should appreciate it when rain comes, unless of course you believe God is pissing on you, then don’t!

Yes it’s the same photo. If you thought the previous photo looked a bit fake, you were right.

Shame I lost focus towards the front of the leaves, or else this would’ve been a beauty.

Another attempt but I think I failed it. I only got these shots because I only shot this many, it was wet, and I didn’t want to lean into anymore spiderwebs.