vomittingLucky you aren’t getting a grosser picture than this. Surprisingly enough, I caught a stomach bug which caused me to vomit and diarhoea. Very painful. Hardly got any sleep on the last night of our stay at Lake Crackenback. I vomitted a total of three times! Contents included pizza, steak, pop corn. I only recognised pizza toppings, but the rest were more mangled and indistinguishable.

Talking to a few mates, and found it weird where we do our vomits. Ever since I knew about vomitting, the best place to do would be in the toilet bowl, and have done that ever since. However, my friends were saying how they did it in the sink. I found it quite absurd as you would have to clean up after yourself. In the toilet bowl, you just vomit and flush. Simple. Sink…well you clean up. Have fun touching your vomit! Sink or Toilet?!