Over at Tokyo Walker, they showcased a high class ramen restaurant. Nothing like the ramen restaurants I ate at whilst I was in Japan.The restaurant places important on not only the food, but the customer experience as well. The following photos demonstrates the passion for running the restaurant.

At most ramen shops in Japan, you would normally sit on tall stools at wall benches.Lounging chairs so you can sit back after filling your belly up with ramen!

I thought the kitchen would’ve been spice up a bit,but looks the same as any other ramen kitchen.

Tanks with fish you enhance customer experience.

Interior of the restaurant seems pleasant to dine in.

Table setting is complete with everything you need to eat your ramen with ease.

Now the whole fuss about this restaurant was the ridiculous price placed on one bowl of ramen. 3000 yen for this bowl of Tom Yum Soup Ramen. In Japan, you’d normally find average bowl of ramen to be around 500-700yen. May have increased in price in wake of the economic crisis. But this bowl is considerably small compared to the average ramen bowl sizes, which would be close to double the size of this one, with alot more contents.

So is it worth having this bowl of ramen for 3000 yen? The presentation of the ramen is elegant.It’s garnished all over the place. The taste of the ramen surely won’t dissapoint you. Great dining area. 3000yen is definitely worth it if you aren’t full. Just find a nearby ramen shop to fill yourself up afterwards.