Using free internet access at the hotel reception. And I’m using a MAC too! First time using. Might consider getting one in the future. Used gym, went kayaking. Very enjoyable. Lots of scenery, too many trees. I could probably say I’ve seen more trees in this area than what I saw in Japan. 20mins max on this but nothing else to do, when DC’s site keep popping up with script errors. Lots of reading to catch up on when I get back on Friday. And alot of work too. Having hotpot tonight. Hopefully get alot of mahjong games in, and win with 13 wonders. Not sure what we will be doing in the next few days but it’ll be very relaxing. Will bring back photos, though shotty. Hmmm was taking photos up on Mt Ainslie yesterdy just before sunset (8:40). Looking at my photography skills, I should brush them up. If I get serious, dad will offer to buy a better camera, but firstly I have to prove myself first. Any tips on improving on taking photos? 

Well back to our ‘house.’ Shower, clean myself of dirty yet seamingly clean lake water. I’m still dripping here so yea. Will update more about my activities if I have the chance.