I was hoping to find more news about Monbukagakusho scholarship but new procedures for people entering Japan. This new method of allowing gaijins in the country is for the sake preventing any terrorists attacks. To enter Japan, we have to give the Immigration Officers, our fingerprints, then conveniently place our heads to allow them to take a shot at our ugly faces. Then after that, they will interrogate you, in Engrish or Japlish. Or even English! Despite it being more of a hassle for us gaijin and for the immigration officials, we can always go to Japan, without fearing of terrorist attacks.

I know that Australia and Hong Kong don’t have such strict immigration policies but perhaps in the near future, they will adopt these measures for the safety of us all. This brings me back to the time when I was going to Hong Kong and back. I put my pencil case in my hand carry luggage, which had a compass, which is a definite no no on planes. I never touched the pencil case from my leave from Australia and Hong Kong. Departing Hong Kong, the xray officier found my compass, which I did not know at the time was in it. Yes it was confiscated but wait….Australian officiers didn’t pick it up?  ATTENTIVE OFFICERS can’t pick up a pretty long sharp point.Shocking!

Even if other countries are going to enforce laws such as Japan’s, officers need to enforce the laws properly to ensure such mishaps don’t occur. Australian officers obviously don’t have as much vigilance as Japanese or Hong Kong officers. Oh well these thoughts floating from my head, I need to sleep for a trial UMAT exam. I’m out of town for 4days from Monday. Off to Canberra/Jinjabyne to get away from suburban life. Enjoy scenery, clean crisp air, and have loads of fun (hopefully). Till then, take care.