Still sitting around. Another 2 weeks till school starts. Gradually picking back up the work load, organising work etc. Recently bought a very sturdy ring binder folder, since the cardboard plastic ones like the break easily,especially at the rings.

Hopefully it will endure my final three terms of school. The folder has white insides as you can see, but black outside, which doesn’t allow me to put a piece of paper like my previous ones. Hence I can’t personalise without putting sticky tape, which would look….terrible.So how would I personalise my folder. Well with some inspiration from the Kanji Poster, we have the kanji folder. I’m not the best at writing kanji but I try my best to write them as beautifully and correctly as possible.

The Kanji are not in any particular order. Purpose of doing this is to have easy reference to any kanji that I’m unsure of. The visual appeal of the kanji swarming the insides of the folder is bound to draw attention!

In other news….

When my mates were over, we were playing mahjong and one of them were lucky enough to self-draw 13 wonders. T_T We were just amazed.

A friend’s cat stayed at our humble abode for three days. Sadly we will have to say  good bye tonight.