The PETA( People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) have launched a new campaign in the attempt to have fish renamed to Sea Kittens.

I find this quite absurd, but it would be very interesting if they were successful. Clownfish would become…Clown Sea Kitten! LOL!! By naming fish as Sea Kittens, it would improve the slippery, sloppy image of fish. I eat fish every week, who knows how many times. I enjoy fishing. I consider myself quite lucky when it comes to fishing. 90% of the time I go fishing, I catch one, and if I’m lucky, we can have it for dinner! I’ve never had a problem with calling fish, fish. It’d just be weird calling them sea kittens.

It seems also PETA are asking USA schools, with ‘fish’ in their names to change to ‘sea kittens.’ Hilarious.

I created my own Sea Kitten, and I must say, fish will become cuter if they were called Sea Kittens.

So what do you think about this?!