I actually counted on my calender and to my amazement I have endured 20days of sweltering heat and abysmal rain(Sydney weather has been retarded).

There’s been nothing greatly interesting about my holidays. There’s always a shortage of food in the house! You’re supposed to fatten up a bit during the holidays, and I’ve tried to fatten up but doesn’t work with nothing to snack on. In desperate need of food, I delved into the past to dig out an old recipe, the CHEESE CRUSTIE!

Only the bare ingredients of cheese and bread (and sesame seeds because of my obsession with them), you can make this quick and simple fattening snack.

Brand names are something we consider everytime we by products. Do you fuss about brands?!

I must stress, you must buy a block cheese, which you must grate or grated cheese to make this. You cannot buy cheese such as  KRAFT cheese which is filled with preservatives that will turn black when melting. It’s not a nice sight! That kind of cheese is hopeless anyway but so convenient to snack on.

Sesame Seeds. My favourite! Dash alot for the lolz.

Placed grated cheese on your bread and then shove it under a grill. This photo of the grill scares me. The inside of the grill is DIRTY!

Let the heat of the grill melt the cheese until both the bread and cheese are as crispy as you please.

Just try not to burn it like I did. A simple breakfast meal everyone could make when we were in primary school. Haven’t had one of these since ages!

Two days ago I went on a JPOP splurge, which I haven’t done for a while.Went to many blogs such as  Raid my minibar and Beyond the Sea Heard of Ken Hirai but never listened to any of his songs. At first I wasn’t a fan but after listening to the album, I’ve picked some favourites.

Ones I like from his new album Fakin’ Pop are: Canvas (video above), Elergy,Utsukushii Hito, Itsuka Hanareru Hi ga Kitemo and Twenty!Twenty!Twenty! The title of this blog post! Convenience! However, I would’ve posted the Twenty!Twenty!Twenty! Music Video if I could find one.

I also found it interesting how Ken Hirai became famous for His soulful voice and unconventional looks. Yes I did wonder how Ken became famous for not looking Japanese.

A group I came across was AAA aka. Attack All Around.

Above video is Tabidachi no uta.

I’ve also been playing mahjong with family and also against friends via Viwawa.

This was taken from April last year. Me and my friend were playing Wahjong on Viwawa when this randomwon using this combination. I thought I would never play a game of mahjong where the winning hand was this. How good are you at mahjong? I love playing it! I would binge mahjong if I could.

And since the first image of this post had ‘Friends.’ I will talk about my outings I have had and are to be had with them. Well I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with them. Upcoming outing is  tomorrow, in 10hours, will be going to City Hunter to LAN. Should be heaps of fun. Then five days after that, they will be crashing at my place to WII,PS2, Mahjong, food,everything. Food+Friends=Good Time. Damn that first image was good!

I should be sleeping now. 21st day of holidays will be coming in 17minutes. 1hour this post took! Pain!