Reading my daily Tokyo Walker Article today. The main article talked about Cake Rolls, being a possible present to bring home for the New Year. I’ve never been a fan of cake rolls, but these ones just make my mouth water!

First on the menu is an unfamiliar flavour. Salt Caramel Cake Roll! Apparently salt caramel taste somewhat nice. Perhaps it is to counter the pure sweetness of caramel.

Made with egg whites, smothered with caramel, you will look forward to opening the box to this…beauty! 12cm for 1500yen!

Next on the menu is Cheese Cream Cake Roll!

This cheese cake beauty is ‘rare article’ you just want to taste! For 17cm at  1260 Yen, it is sure to please all ages, even the elderly!

Last one on the menu is Apricot and Cream Cake Roll!

Said to be the Number 1 present for giving to your lady friends, this apricot wonder can only be found at the Star Sweets Store at Haneda Airport! For 17cm at 1680yen, I’m sure it’s worth the travel to get a slice of this for your sweet heart!

Out of these 3, I would be inclined to buy the cheese cake. Actually I’d wanna try all of them! If only I was in walking distance from where these are sold. Which one makes your mouth water?