Christmas wasn’t as eventful as hoped to be. With both parents having to work at different shifts, both being away from home during the course of the day, I had to amuse myself at home..for the 4th day? I still have a month of holidays to go!

Bunny was very naughty. When I was getting something out of the fridge, wetness struck my feet. I turned around, seeing Bunny hopping around with his wee wee flying around. Ewwwww.

Bunny is useful for mango seeds. Mango seeds always have some pulp? when you finish eating it. But no longer must we see this ugly sight of unfinished mango seeds. Bunny with his buckteeth, suck the seeds completely dry! Hurrah!

A closer look. A bit of business on the side of it =/

On Christmas morning, I woke up to find this present on my desk. Not Santa Claus, but my parents.  It wasn’t boxing day so I didn’t open it until hours ago.

Sheaffer ballpoint pen. According to my dad, I would be using it in interviews. Instead of using a normal pen, I would be using this grand pen. At first I thought this was just an ordinary generic brand ballpoint!

From a few days ago. I smelt popcorn, so I sought for it, but to find burnt popcorn! Who’s doing was it? My brother! He had failed to make microwave popcorn. BURNT IT! WHAT!?!

I hope your Christmas was more eventful than mine.