I was reading up on my anime news tonight. Just found out there’s a Eureka Seven movie. I look forward to watching it.

On the topic of Darker than Black, there have been numerous rumours of a second season but there’s no strong evidence to support it. Anyway, I sat back and watched the 2nd dubbed episode of DtB. I’m not a fan of dubs at all but I found it somewhat interesting comparing it to the original.

I have a problem with the voice actors. First, Misaki’s voice is just a bit too high, or whiny. Secondly, Yin’s voice has a tad bit too much life. Dolls are meant to be kinda dead. Thirdly, Mao’s voice is just bad, not a mentoring kind of voice. I can safely say, Hei and Huang’s voices are fine, but do not match to the originals of course.

I noticed in scenes where they’ve said something different to the original. Yes I understand that they need to differ a bit to account for cultural difference but the dub version loses a little bit of enjoyment because of it. When Mao pops out after Hei has been shot down, I was totally shocked at what they had him say. Hei doesn’t wear his cloak for fasion!?!? That’s just fail.

That’s my rant. It’s very early Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you all have a great time with whoever you’re spending Christmas with.