I was browsing around a few blogs on Otaku.fm. Hadn’t done it for a long time, but found a neat article at Nihongonotes lead me to Lang-8. Lang-8 is a site devoted to learning langauges through global interaction. Basically you write something and in a matter of minutes, a native speaker will correct your piece of writing, improve on your writing, and give feed back. You can also do the same. Just correct someone’s who has written in your native language.

Here’s the layout of theLang-8 site. It’s very easy to navigate. Even the computer illiterate can join in.

Journal is where you write your entries to allow other to read and correct. The notebook allows you to store words,phrases you want to remember.

Here are two journal entries I have written already. They were both marked in a matter of minutes. I was just amazed at the quick response. The only way you can learn faster is by learning from someone who’s a native.  If you happen to sign up, add bk201. Look forward to seeing you all on Lang-8!