In this week’s Shippuuden, Naruto is recovering from using his Rasenshuriken. From the autopsy of Kakuzu’z body, the power of Rasenshuriken comes from destroying chakra links that enable a shinobi to generate Chakra. The wind needles Rasenshuriken releases penetrate at a cellular level, rendering any victim paralysed. Naruto suffers the same damage in his arm. With this, he has been BANT from using it. Noooo!


Sasuke’s working up a storm with his Chidori, or something more powerful. Without moving, his generaged Chidori cut the heads off the dummies! IMBA!


It’s nice to see Shikamaru finding a new opponent to play in Shogi, his father.  Finally, the king was revealed to be the children of Konoha who will take over the old generation. Very true! My hunch were the people close to you, hence you would protect them.

Just recently, I started learning Shogi, and I must say it’s a great shift from Chess and Chinese Chess. It seems quite straight forward but it’s not. More about my Shogi learning experiences later.