It was quite a shocker when Naruto narrowly missed his Fuuton Rasenshurikan on Kakuzu in this week’s episode of Shippuuden.  Much confidence was placed in Naruto to land his first one perfectly, but his shadow clones weren’t enough of a distraction.


Foul mouth Hidan has now been silenced, thanks to Shikamaru’s burial of Hidan’s head and many bits and pieces. Another Akatsuki down. Yay for Konoha!


Feelings of rejoice were felt when Naruto used his brain! Hiding himself with his clones created the opportunity to land Rasenshuriken on Kakuzu, blasting him miles away, taking away his three hearts. Success!

vlcsnap-150745New and improved Naruto. Though not in perfect shape, is still better than the Naruto we met from day one. He has gone far, and still has further to go.

Sasuke appears in next week’s episode. Hurrah! New arc!