Congratulations to us loyal Heroes fans. We’re at the halfway mark of the ‘Villains’ Volume, and I’ve gotta say, it’s been an epic volume so far. It’s been intense, exciting, disappointing, shocking. The other half of the volume is definitely going to deliver.


The 'Formula' is a success

Heroes has gone a fair way since the start of this volume. The start of the volume was confusing. Many questions were being raised. Why was Peter put in Jesse’s body? Who is Sylar? Why was Linderman still alive? As each episode aired, these questions were answered to surmount to where we are now.


Hiro's mum

The situation now in Heroes is quite interesting. Arthur Petrelli dead, by Sylar. Peter still powerless. Hiro joining the powerless group, and not only that, is stuck 15years in the past. Suresh successfully creating the ability inducing drug. Nathan making his choice to follow out his father’s plans. Matt, Daphne and Ando set to save Hiro. Sylar, who had hope of changing, is back to his usual self. Elle dead. Claire losing the catalyst to Arthur. Peter and the Haitian attempting to take down Pinehearst. Where does Volume 3 go from here ?


Is this the last of him?

What I’m hoping is Ando gaining his powers synthetically. Peter gaining his ‘sponge’ power back. Sylar becoming good AND NOT BAD! Peter shutting down Nathan’s plans . Daphne and Parkman closer. And of course, Hiro gaining his powers back, and returning to the present.



I’m sure all of us were shocked whenHiro was stripped of his powers. And it was even more shocking that he was left in the past, lost in time. The price he pays for trying to save the world. So unfair!


Stuck in the past!

So let’s hope Hiro regains his abilities back!