It’s over! The first set of HSC assessments. I’m relieved and ready to party for a few days (except having to take JLPT during it but that’s easy stuff).

My thoughts on my performance in each exam:

English -Failed but was able to write alot.

Mathematics Extension 1-Lots of silly mistakes

Mathematics Extension 2 – Alright considering I couldn’t do 3 questions. Everything else I did.

Chemistry- Easy pickings

Japanese- Speaking: Surprised I did well, Listening:Found it somewhat easy, Reading: Hard because the reading passage was confusing, like always. The writing questions were hard but expected. I think I will be doing worst in reading this time though it”s my strongest area.

Time to wait for the results of these exams. See where I went wrong, then to improve. But for now. Relax and have fun!

Just a little comment about the new wordpress dashboard layout. It’s so awesome and stylish!