Been quite busy this week. Workload is increasing as I get closer to my final high school exams. I’ve noticed that I’ve spent less time on my Japanese than my other subjects (Maths,English and Chemistry), to the extent that I did max 3hours of Japanese in the past week. I will be doing more Japanese in preparation for my upcoming assessment, but also the JLPT Level 3 Test which is the weekend after my assessment week ends. Hopefully I’ll pass it ><

I’m glad that we’re analysing Miyazaki’s Spirited Away for Japanese Extension. Beats reading a book about people with disabilities (Gotaifumanzoku). I’ll find a copy of the book though, both english and Japanese. It’ll be a good learning experience. The whole point of having a text is so that we can analyse grammar, which is weird in my opinion, answer questions on plot and textual information. It would be better if we learnt better Japanese! Gaijin Japanese FTL!

Just a random question for you people who are learning or who can speak it fluently. Which out of the three do you find hardest, listening, speaking or reading. For me, speaking is my weaknest. Learning Japanese in classes, you don’t get to speak much but if you do, it’ just so strange to talk to your classmates in POLITE JAPANESE!! I simply cringe when two friends talk to each other keigo (polite).

I’ll hopefully delve into my grammar books when I find myself free. I’m happy I haven’t burnout yet!