Time to time, I ask someone to buy the Anime Newtype, so I can read, stare at nice prints of anime. But however, when I first saw the cover of ‘this month’s issue’, I knew there was something wrong. No animated characters , then the price skyrocketed from the normal 620yen to a whopping 980 yen! Wow! After my eyes found the words ‘The Live‘, everything started to make sense. Never knew there was another Newtype until now =o.

Kamen Rider Kiba on the front cover . Anyone watching it?

Some Freebies, every Newtype gives away 🙂

I was flicking through and I came across an article about Keitai Sousakan 7.  Hadn’t heard about it until now, not that I’m into JDramas.

I felt I wasn’t watching enough Jap shows (Just picked up Michiko to Hatchin), so I decided to start watching Keitai Sousakan7. Here’s the plot from Wiki:

Keita Amishima is a high school freshman who gets involved in Under ANCHOR, an organization formed to bring criminals using advanced technology to bring evil to justice. Taking the place of a previous Under ANCHOR agent, Keita is paired up with Phone Braver 7, a cellphone robot. Together, the two track down the high-tech criminals as well as their benefactor, the renegade Phone Braver 01.

I like the personality the mobile robots have. Quite some action for the first episode too. I look forward to catching up on 20 or so episodes. I also found it interesting that the last name of our main characters closely resembles Keitai, short for mobile phone! Any of you following Keitai Sousakan7?