The whole series is shooting all over the place, but everything is connected in the most weird ways.

Maya has been cured of her ability by Mr Petrelli, and it seems though as we will never see her again. She bears no significance to the plot, unless she’s used as a love tool for Suresh. Another character they stop casting from the second series, like Monica.

I still believe Sylar’s got the will to change for the better. Though he has met his father, and on the surface seems that he’s going to support him, I’m sure Sylar is intending to work ‘undercover.’ He did chuck Peter out the window but I’m sure Sylar gave him a softer landing than expected. Now I wonder, what can Peter do without his powers? He really needs them back!!

Now Daphne disturbs me. Why does she still converse with Pinehearst when at any moment, she could get snapped dead by Mr Petrelli, like Mory. And Parkman is just being stupid. Read her mind to find out what she’s doing. Parkman’s just blinded by the future. Shouldn’t you be blinded by the past instead?

And Hiro. I hope to see something ‘delicious’ in his dream. I anticipate the beginnings of Ando’s powers in the dreaming.

No screencaps, due to being capped. Will upload later.