We’re finally back seeing the progress Naruto has made on combining nature manipulation with his rasengan. No matter how much Naruto tried, he was unable to do it, then leaking out Kyuubi unconsciously. But it was only until Naruto said that he couldn’t look left and right, that Kakashi showed him how to do it. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Kakashi looks both ways. So Naruto takes 2 clones, one to do the necessary manipulations, and we have a something that resembles a wind rasengan! Naruto’s earlier rasengans took at least 2 clones to do shape manipulation, now he only needs one. Maybe Naruto needs more, and over time he will just need one! Or none!Shame that we have to wait a few more episodes till we can see this move being tested and perfected.

Akatsuki’s goals are finally revealed! I’ve always thought of them to be power whores, and now it’s for sure. Their leader, who I don’t even know his name, says that Akatsuki lives to control the world, like every evil person in every movie,tv show wants to do. So I wonder when they will come after Naruto. Maybe after extracting bijuu out of the two tails.

Then we have Asuma’s funeral. Shock to the village. There’s something up with Shikamaru next episode.