This week’s episode was quite enjoyable yet the villains are growing in numbers!

I wonder when Daphne will quit doig her job recruiting villains after seeing what Suresh has done to his victims. Also what will be of Tracey and Nathan, as they are trapped within his lair.

It’s a bit sad but Mr Petrelli has the power to steal abilities. It’s a shame he killed Adam. I quite liked Adam’s personality. Now who knows what he will do with Peter. It looks as though Peter will not be the hero of this volume, rather Sylar will be, which is great!

The puppeteer, Meredith, Clare and her mum. It was a pretty tense scene. I was scared that one of them were gonna die! Just hoping so that someone would shoot Clare, and they did.

I’m eternally grateful for Ando’s survival. No way could they kill of our comic duo. Blood and a retractable sword. Awesome acting. More humour from the two as they try to recruit the African Future Painter to Pinehearst. Quote ‘African Isaac. After getting knocked out by the painter, Hiro going back into the past to get the painter, only to get owned again. Lovely!

What I really want from the series now is alot more answers to questions. What is Suresh turning into? He can capture his prey but what does he do with them? Eat them?! What’s wrong with Angela Petrelli? More importantly, why does Peter take out Sylar when he knows in the future Sylar is a good person. Why is Peter so stupid?!!?