If you’re new to the scene, please read about my previous encounter with this certificate here.

Imagine you’re given an award, on stage. You make contact with the award giver’s eyes, shake their hand, smile to receive the award, be happy and then flaunt it to the people celebrating your achievement! However days later, you find out that you weren’t supposed to receive the award, so the award giver has told you ‘I’ll need to take back your certificate/award.’ You say ‘Okay….’ Now what would you do?

Sadly this is quite an awkward scenario that I’ve been put in. I was given my award based on a lower UAI estimation, that was calculated wrong in the beginning, in which they used to formulate who was eligible to receive the certificate.  That lower mark was around a 94 but after re-calculation was 97.7. This time round, my estimation went up 0.6, to a 98.3. Not bad considering I didn’t try much harder but you needed to go up at least 1 whole point to receive the certificate.

I’m in the office, talking to the person ,who gave me the certificate, about my marks, subjects and how they will affect my final UAI. It’s really interesting how someone can ask to take back a certificate that they gave out with great joy. I would just let the person away with it, but if the award was very prestigious, I would have to do that. It reminds me of the time of Big Brother when Bree Amer was wrongly evicted from the house. She was put back in the house and someone else was booted out. Funny but these things do happen.

So my dilemma is. Do I give the certificate back? I told my family about it and they came up with a few ideas. ‘Get dad to photocopy it.’ ‘Just don’t give it back unless he chases you up for it.’ My first intention was to give it back straight away but realising that it’s a great milestone for me, maybe photocopying it might not be a bad idea.  I really can’t be bothered taking the certificate out of the frame just to never see it again (except on my blog). Funny thing is that I could actually use this certificate for my CV, photocopied they wouldn’t know if I received it or not.

Now your turn! What would you do?