Last week at school, we had a year meeting to celebrate the achievements in our Preliminaries. Two batches of awards. The students with an estimated UAI of more than 99.3 , and the students who are ‘most improved.’ To get ‘most improved’ a student had to improve significantly from their half yearly results.

I’m at the meeting thinking, I’m not getting either of the awards (my previous estimated UAI

was 97.7). I knew I didn’t try much harder in my subjects except for Chemistry, in which my result wasn’t much better. Heck I didn’t even study for my Modern History exam at all! After a few names, my name gets called out and I say to myself, wtf?!?

I probably don’t deserve this at all. Some of the people who received the award, I know did well in their recent exams. Among these people were Belle!Me on the other hand…. This success was only attributed to my horrible scaled mark of 49/100 for Modern History, due to coming 2nd last in the half yearly assessment, causing my UAI estimate to count half of Agriculture.  Read here if you don’t understand about the marks ^^! Or even worse is that it was calculated wrong ! This wouldn’t be the first time, A girl in my grade,who had a previous estimate of 99.7 ended up getting 91.xx, hence not receiving the award, but after recalculation, ended up being around the 99.7! I will find mine out tomorrow! And see if it indeed is!

So should I be rejoicing about this achievement, eventhough I feel underserving of it? I know I should take this a good thing. I’m improving which is always a good sign. My parents were sure happy about it. So happy that my dad swapped the certificate with the Piano Certificate that used to be in that frame.

Now for something totally unrelated, I here again show my sesame seed fetish.Pouring many seeds into my bowl of noodles I made the other day.

What's my flavour!?!?

Pretty much the only noodle brand I eat is Demae Itcho. I’ve always wondered why I’ve only eaten this brand of noodles. After reading the wikipedia article on it, I see why. My parents probably ate the same brand when they were little munchkins!! If you’re Cantonese, I’m sure you’ve eaten Demae Itcho! So what’s your favourite flavour out of the range? No mines not seafood but the flavour above, which you will have to guess/know.

I also have another question, do you drink your noodle soup? Or are you like my friend who doesn’t add water to the soup base!