I felt this episode stood out from past episodes. It truly did!

Highlight of the episode was the Fight 2 – Black Star vs Mifune.The new opening plays in the background. Papermoon by TommyHeavenly6.

Relive the moment! Action scene was well animated. I loved the 24 slash move. It looked really awesome but I couldn’t help but feel the pain Black Star was suffering.BLUNT END OF THE SWORD AGAIN!!

Azusa, one of the Death Scythes was working her magics. First was using Senringan, which in the simplest words is Byakuugan from Naruto. Same deal, can see in a near vicinity. Funny how it nearly sounds and looks like it. Then I was a bit confuzzled at the sniping crossbow gun Sid was using. Then realizing it was Azusa’s weapon form. Awesome! These Deathscythes are so unique, except Spirit. There’s really nothing special about him but his quirky fatherly qualities.

I love the clever use of animal/insect references. Especially when Mosquito got his arm and part of his body shot off, then extended his nose and stabbed it into a follower for blood. I love it!

New Ending was out on last weeks episode. At first hearing, I found it a bit weird…but after you hear it a number of times, you can listen to it non stop. It’s so catchy.

爆走夢歌(Bakusou Yume Uta) – Diggy-MO