The cloud of confusion has cleared up. The two sides have finally been defined! Mrs Petrelli vs Mr Petrelli!

The two sides, the people who want a new  world full of powers, and the people who want a world without powers. It’s really up to you to decide what is good and what is bad. It’s fine for the world to have powers, but people who have powerful abilities may not have the mind power to control themselves.However I will take Mr Petrelli’s side to be the villains! He is anyway =p.

So, back to the first few episodes, Mrs Petrelli had a quick dream and we saw a few familiar faces, taking down our heroes. It’s all piecing together, especially Parkman’s dad. There was something wrong when Linderman was alive, so guess who’s conjuring the dead, Parkman’s dad. And he’s doing it for Mr Petrelli, who we’ve never seen, never heard much about him, until now. A face is all we’ve got but boy we’re in trouble!

But back to the good side. Mr Bennett is causing me concern. I know he’s taking revenge on Sylar but he’s tricking his own daughter in fulfilling his own objective. Is this right in your books? Sylar’s waming up to be a good guy. We’re seeing the power he stole from Brigitte coming into effect, showing Sylar’s willingness to change. We’re actually going to see this good Sylar! I mean Gabriel!

I guess the biggest shocker in this episode was Hiro stabbing his Robin, Ando. I can’t believe this happened, killing the comical duo! Where will our fun and laughter go now? I’m sure we will see Ando again, alive after being revived by Clare or Adam.  I hope to see Ando, more bad ass then ever, rather than being the Mr Roboticus he was this episode!

I’m also a bit concerned for Clare. Clare was taking the hunt for powerful abilities a bit serious I thought. Tasering the man without any explanations. At least the guy (with blackholes) was able to get some sense into her. Clare sees that people with these powers aren’t necessarily bad, if their motives are for the good. We’re going to see Clare join Mr Petrelli’s side in the near future, for the sake that she can ‘belong.’

And poor Meredith has herself in a pitch with a puppeteer. I wonder what will happen!