I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Lots of fun and wit as well as action!

Our new enemy has been introduced. Arachne, the spider witch (you named it). Her soul has been in the golem for the past 800years and now she has come back out in witch form, thanks to her spiderlings. She’s back to do some badass things. WIth her followers, our heroes are definitely gonna have a hard time!

With more exposure to Justin, I’ve come to like his character. Though quite arrogant and disrespectful, through his loudspeaker headphones, he totally breaks the normal ‘priest’ stereotype. He prays, says the goods words but the headphones define his character alot. I love those Shinigami headphones!! I shall get them someday! Anyway, Justin isn’t a normal deathscythe. He’s fighting using himself. So?!? This probably means Justin is so much stronger if used as a weapon.

In the future, I see Soul Eater aspiring to Justin. After seeing Justin fight using himselve, Soul would want to learn his ways, so he doesn’t just have to sit down with Maka every time she’s out of battle.

And oh dear, Stein still going LOONY!