So, first hearing about The Mentalist being shown on Channel 9, I had already thought it must be a pretty dodgy show. So there goes another US series over by head, but comes along a friend who claims it to be so good, I had to check it out at least!

Not going into plot or anything, but main character Patrick Jane is one weird man. He’s not your ordinary good detective. He has an eye for detail. Acts as if he is a psychic but he claims he isn’t one. From this one episode, it seems everything he says about things are so true. He can pick out the evil doer, set up the scenario for the arrest. He just seems a bit perfect.

I will follow The Mentalist just to see more about Patrick’s connection with ‘Red John.’ Through a flashback, we see Patrick’s family was brutally murdered by the serial killer ‘Red John.’ And this leads me onto wanting to know more about Patrick’s character. He doesn’t wipe away the mark of ‘Red John’ above his bed! Why does he leave it on the wall? During his little chit chat with the doctor, he said nothing about himself. Strange for such a person to do a thing. Why?

I hope more of these questions are answered as the series gets into full gear. I look forward to watching more of this.