I’ve set out on this blog to do anime episodics but I’m feeling it’s not the way to go. It seems really bland and unoriginal. However I will still be doing them but only for the series that I truly like and will get involved in alot. I’ll still continue my Naruto and Heroes, not sure about Soul Eater or Daughter of Twenty Faces. I’m discontinuing Bounen no Xamdou, sadly.

So the switch is to write about the things that are actually in my world. Things I will be knowledgeable about and can give a different perspective. I’m thinking of writing something about Adult and Children Fares. Why give different prices when they will still occupy the same number of seats?The difference between adult and student fares? Interesting issue to talk about.

With this in mind, I’m going to change the name of the blog and everything. So keep your eyes peeled!

School’s about to start, starting my final year of highschool. And in this final year of highschool,  there’s always some memorabillia, such as the jersey. I’m in charge of the whole jersey thing, designing, making decisions, with another 12 or so people who represent the grade. We’re still dilly dallying on our decisions. A design still hasn’t been finalised and I fear we won’t find one for a while unless the grade comes together and helps out.

Here, I’ve copied and coloured pre-made designs to suit our school colours.

So, if you have one of these jerseys, please feel free to share with me and our fellow readers!