The great divide between good and evil is made distinct this episode. However who stands on which side at the current stage is unknown. It is hard to distinguish who is ‘good’ and who is ‘bad.’

Tracey Strauss is one of three triplets, who have unique abilities. When thinking this, Ali Larter must be happy that she can die again and still have another character to play. The identical triplets Tracey,Nicky and Bobboa?! unsure but these three were not special to begin with. Zimmerman is the person who ‘probably’ gave them their powers but his mind has been erased of that knowledge. Interesting things.

So the future plays another big role on determining what heroes will do. We’ve already seen Hiro go into the future and realise the consequences of losing the formula. Now Peter and his future counterpart explore the future. The future is an interesting one. Everyone has powers, and this is thanks to an injection that can be bought easily at a price. Future Peter considers this ‘bad’ as he knows that humans are selfish and will not control their powers. So what side is Future Peter on? He’s on the bad site of the people who promote the powers. Claire is one of these people, along with Daphne and Knox(enchanced strength dude). This explains alot about what happened in the first episode. But why is Peter going against everyone?  And yes Daphne=Matt’s Future Wife LEWL.

So how’s life with Suresh? His failed formula is transforming him into a cockroach. Disgusting as it may seem, the future shows us what he is. His monstrosity must be so hideous, we weren’t even allowed to see his face. I think Suresh will find the correct formula, which would have given the powers to everyone in the future, or someone will get their hands on the formula the company have been desperately trying to protect from everyone.

Sylar in the future was just a funny. I should say Gabriel, he’s become more controlled, and has become a dad of an interesting named son called Noah. Now isn’t this such a coincidence that his Noah happens to have the same names as Clare’s foster dad. Maybe this is the Noah we know but in kid form? Anyway, Peter learning Gabriel’s power of learning how everything works serves to be in his worst interest. The hunger of power overwhlems sense of judgement,taking the powers of his own brother! Wait he doesn’t need to do that. I wonder though how knowing Sylar’s power will affect things. I’m sure Sylar knows exactly what is going on but just isn’t telling everyone. Sylar has potential to be GOOD!

I’m still a bit lost on who is on which side but my opinions on this episode. It just turned everything over on its head. Hiro digging up Adam? Interesting I say.