I wrote this yesterday in light of the recent incident:
A few of you may be wondering where the hell I disappeared. A few of you may be wondering why the hell I randomly disconnected while playing a DOTA game. Long story but simple reason, lightning in broad daylight!! It was quite scary too.

Our household hasn’t had a blackout for around a year, but this one just came out of nowhere. A flash of white seething through my window, the computer screen blacked out, my desk light blacked out, something was wrong. I rushed to where the cables come to our house. Outside, on the opposite side of the road, a branch decided to snap off, taking down a few power cables with it. It was rather windy today, but I felt it wasn’t so (probably because I was stuck inside the house the whole day). Cables were hanging low, only about 2-3metres above the road.

It was only about 5-10minutes when the Fire Brigade had come to investigate. They did nothing much but seal off the area with yellow tape. Useless really when the area was still accessible. Nevertheless, they could do nothing so they ran away. The electrical company responsible for the area came to solve the problem 1 hour later. During the time they were accessing and fixing the problem, I decided to do some work (I’ve done like none in the holiday) and catch up on some really needed rest. After waking up, the power was still out and we had to go out for dinner.

During dinner, we had realized the problems with our dependency on electricity. My brother had to face the dilemma of handing an assignment for university and an examination the next day. My mum was annoyed at the fact she couldn’t do anything without power. We thought of ways to piece back our lives temporarily, calling a friend who just lives around the corner, and guess what, their power was out too. Great! All we could hope for was to go home and hope the power was back.

Luckily, on arrival, lights were gleaming through the windows. Our life and hopes were back! I rushed to turn on my computer, then to tell everyone my story, but the Internet was down, along with our phone line. Damn Optus! I thought they had solved that problem when they came with their truck!! Without internet, I decided to watch some TV. New season premiere of Supernatural was on, so I caught the second hour of it. Not a bad show but I find the tiniest things to scrutinize about it, like materializing demon ghosts with guns! After it ended, I did the good ole’ channel hopping, flicking through every 400 TV channels (which of only 20-30 or so work). Next channel was SBS news, broadcasting NHK Japanese News, so I watched a bit of that. Brushing up on my listening skills, since I performed the worst in that component in my Japanese Continuer Exams.

So, human’s dependency on electricity started along time ago. I don’t know when, but I would know if I had the Internet. Anyway, we take this technology for granted these days. List the things you do everyday that require using electricity. For me these would be: Alarm Clock, Computer, Desk Light, House Light x 10, Fridge, Kettle, Electric Tooth Brush, TV, AC power for speaker, Internet, Telephone. There’s quite a lot of things that require electricity to operate. Really our lives are saved by the saviour,electricity. Without this wonderful invention, where would your life be? How would your life change? For one we’d be using candles. We would probably wake up as the sun rises and sleeping as the sun sets. We’d have a lot less things to do. No computer, no TV! No fridge, no ice-cream and a whole lot of food. To look onto our lives and see how dependent on electricity we are, I find it a bit shocking, but we’re all brought up using electricity and we just can’t easily just say ‘Good Bye Power.’

So how are black outs in your area? Do they get fixed quickly? Ours took around 5hours due to the strong wind blowing irregularly. And what do you normally do when there are blackouts? I usually just sleep but this blackout was unusual, happening around 3-4pm in the afternoon. Blackouts blackouts. This one I will remember for a long time.