A very drawn out double episode, ending with a very sad and heart breaking moment, the death of Asuma (he’s alive but about to die).

Shikamaru’s analytical thinking comes into play as he figures out Hidan’s technique. I for one was able to see through this earlier before, except I really didn’t know what the red symbol did until it was revealed. Could’ve figured it out earlier! With the technique figured out, our heroes were ensured victory, lopping the Hidan’s head off his body.

However, knowing Akatsuki can’t be that easy to defeat, Hidan’s pissed off as always, angry at Kakuzu for not helping. Kakuzu rejoins the battle field, mending back Hidan, then taking on Izumo and Kotetsu. The two gatekeepers had no chance. Shikamaru was exhausted from the previous battle. So Hidan finished off Asuma with his favourite ritual of stabbing himself in the heart, sharing the pain with Asuma!

Asuma’s one of my favourite characters and to see him die like this is ;(. He’s alive for the next episode but after that T_T.