Trouble as our heroes attempt to stop the evil professor from turning Tokyo into a crisp! Chaos and anarchy has erupted as the professor pretends to be Twenty, proclaiming he will destroy the whole of Tokyo. With Chizuko in the angry mobs, people couldn’t help but notice her, and as a result take their anger upon her. As foolish as these people know, Twenty’s intentions are far from what’s in mind, but nonetheless, Chizuko is forced to seek safety, dodging, running and disabling men.

Twenty escapes with wounds to his arm. He’s still off to stop the professor but prior to that, Akechi has finally found Twenty. Akechi knows all but still wants to take Twenty captive, allowing him go this time but not next time. Ken and the women find the professor and the two dolls, engage in battle but cannot oppress the monsterous powers the dolls bear, allowing them get away.

Police rush onto the scene of the aftermath of the 4th state of water. A red magma cradle is what remains of the destructive power. Meanwhile Koito meets up with Tome and Akine who are desperately searching for Chizuko.

Chizuko does more jumping, running, tight rope walking to get away from the heavily deluded men. She’s on rooftops, being cornered, then forced up and up until she cannot escape anymore. At this point I thought she was screwed, but what we also notice is that the two of three generator towers were ready to turn Tokyo into a crisp. Well out of no where, Ken comes out with the blimp. She’s saved! But will she stop the professor?

Some great suspense this episode held up. It’s a shame how deluded and desperate people become after they hear a bunch of lies. And on top of that, they go all out to capture and hurt Chizuko who’s just a girl! Ah well.

I can’t wait for the next episode. It’s going to be very exciting!