A great start to what was let down by the writer’s strike. The new volume ‘Villains’ has started and we’re taken on the journey which promises to be very bumpy. Everything imagined has gone BAD. Sylar taking Clare’s power, Future Peter shooting Nathan, Future Peter switching places with Peter, Hiro opening up the safe with the secret formula and allowing Daphne to steal it, Hiro goes into the future to find out that the world’s in chaos, especially when he sees himself fighting Ando who seems to have force lightning from STARWARS OH YEA! Sylar’s off to steal the powers of the very dangerous people, who are locked away with HRG, and someone who claims to be Peter Petrelli, but clearly doesn’t look like him. What’s worse is that there have been two signs of the world exploding, one that Matt Parkman sees and one that appears behind Mohinder’s. It’s not looking pretty for our heroes.

What I’m happy to see is that Mohinder has finally found a way to gain a power. It’s a shame that he didn’t have something else other than super strength. Repeating powers isn’t cool, especially when Nikki, maybe I should say Tracey has it also. On the topic of Tracey, she’s busy sexing it up with a governor. We don’t know at this stage if Tracey has any of Nikki’s memories but it’s only a matter of time Tracey and Nathan meet. Linderman is alive, being the one who saved Nathan. Matt Parkman has been teleported to a desert by Future Peter. Mother Petrelli has told Future Peter that he ‘screwed it all up,’ and whats she’s said could be true. Imagine if Nathan told everyone about these powers…ahem. ‘I can fly’ Lewl

So the this Volume of Heroes is called ‘Villains’ and from director Tim Kring, we’ve been informed that we’re going to see people take one side or the other. Good or Bad. Simple right? Not simple when you can’t guess who’s taking what side. Future Ando seems to be a villain! Sylar seems to be a villain but rumour says he’s just not doing ‘bad things.’ Future Peter look evil with that huge scar but…guess I’ll have to wait and see.

I’m yet to watch the second episode. I’m totally looking forward to it.