The power and destruction of the fourth state of water was so strong that Twenty had to seal it away. However, his professor was able to gather the correct ingredients to create the monstrosity, the fourth state of water is. One focused, a beam of bright blue light destroys anything in its path, let it be buildings or even people. They just disintegrate. This is more powerful than the monsters that the military scientist have been creating.

Sadly, Twenty and Chizuko were unable to stop the professor in adding in the final ingrdients, but they were successful in saving Koito at least. Koito created a distraction so that Twenty and Chizuko could thwart the proffessor’s evil path of destruction, blowing up the power to the main control panel. Thankfully it stopped the blue light, dispersing into sparly white droplets.

Ken and the women(yes she’s the women from the early episodes) were trying to get to the laboratory, nearly bumping into the police and Akechi who also had similar intentions. These people have a real difficulty in finding the laboratory. T_T.

I’m expecting the next episode to have Twenty completely destroying the laboratory, the women and Ken meeting up. Not sure if the women has evil intentions or not, but she’s interested in Twenty’s legacy which she claimed to be the 4th state of water. Probably Twenty tieing up lose ends on all these military projects. All up in the air as I see it, it’s great they are bringing back the people from earlier episodes. Everything’s connected, making it all very detective like!