The intentions of the professor are revealed! He’s evil!! He takes Chizuko to a laboratory to show her the fourth state of water, which seems to be just light. This is achieved by applying a high heat and high pressure to a body of water, forming a bubble of light energy. However, the professor needed the missing ingredients, parameters to set. He knew Chizuko were given to her by Twenty, asking her for the ‘missing ingredients.’ However she was able to see through his pretense, not giving it to him, forcing the professor to use Plan B, bringing hostage Koito as a test subject. On top of that, the robot like kid that appeared earlier, came to make things more difficult. Chizuko was forced to give away the recipe, singing the french song she’s rambled upon the past episodes and then explaining everything. Even after her give in, the professor still insisted in using Koito, but it is when Twenty whacks the robot kid with a pulley. Yay He’s back. Back to face his own teacher!

Ken is seen this episode, trying to chase Chizuko and Professor in the car but was hindered by the robot kid. They fought, Ken dodging most attacks, allowing the kid to puncture the motorbike engine, so he could cause an explosion with his knife. Pretty ingeneous I say. But this did not rid of the kid. A women, who’s from episode 3? Not sure, but helps Ken out. They get away, leaving that robot kid wondering. Not sure what Ken and her are doing now.

Tome finds the note left by Chizuko, and is extremely worried. Akine comes over, finds about the news and suggest they go search for her! Akechi is onto Twenty, he knows about the professor and his intentions, providing the police valuable insight. He urges them to take action before the town blows up.

I’m about to watch the next episode so excuse me for this lousy write up.